In order to download xstarter please choose one of the following methods:

DEB or RPM packages (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora etc.)

Download DEB and RPM packages here

Install DEB package: apt install -f xstarter-*.deb

Install RPM package: dnf install xstarter-*.rpm

Arch Linux

If you're using Arch Linux, check out AUR package.

git clone

cd xstarter

makepkg -is

(You can also use your preffered AUR manager)

Compile and install from source code

Check out the source code.

git clone

cd xstarter && cmake . && make && sudo make install

(To compile it, you can a C compiler, e.g. gcc and ncurses library (development version). Both should be easily available on your Linux distribution.


Download .tar.gz or .zip archive and extract it.

Run ./bin/xstarter to open the application in the terminal. You can manually copy it to a directory included in your $PATH.